How to Reach Zen or The Right Way to Zen


How to Reach Zen or The Right Way

How to reach zen or the right way to zen? What is this guy talking about? It is 6:35 am and you drag your lifeless body in this hell you call work. You sit down at the office, turn your computer on, next thing you know you hear the the sound of a screeching banshee. Oh wait that is your boss saying “Mr. Johnson you are late”. He walks away like a slithering snake in to a pile of rocks. Then you hear “Hey buddy! Did you sleep in?”. Coming from your annoying coworker that doesn’t do jack all day. I am sure a bunch of you can relate. Here, I will show you the light and cast the demons back to hell and show you how to reach zen state or the right way to zen.

the right way to zen

What is Zen?

Personally I thought it was a Chinese cookie. I am going to dumb this down as much as possible without going into where Zen came from. Basically it can have different meanings, but the way I take it is, it’s all about self control and just do it. Have a don’t know attitude and just do it. As hard as it may seem, even though you may want to punch your boss in the face, you can learn how to reach a zen state.

how to reach zen state


How to Reach Zen

1. Focus on the now

First step is to focus on the now. Don’t worry about what you are going to make for dinner tonight. Don’t think that you may go home tonight to find your husband in bed with another women. Although she is pretty hot. Just worry about what is in front of you at that current moment. One step at a time my dear friend.


2. Failing is not an option

If you do fail, get your ass back up and try again. Momma don’t like them quitters. You will never learn how to reach a zen state if you just give up. We all learn from our mistakes. This is my third crack at a website and boy I still suck, but I am trying like hell. I enjoy this and I would like to make it a full time job.


3.  The Don’t know State

Take each situation as you don’t know what may happen. I am sure by now you are like “man this how to whatever guy has no clue what he is talking about.” I would say about 93%, I don’t know what I am talking about.

Yay! Example time! You never know what the future holds and you can not dwell on that. Pretend your driving on a highway, you could be splattered any minute by a semi truck, but you never really thought about it like that. Technically you have already learned how to reach the state, but never knew it. So you don’t know.

Is this Article Over Yet? No, We didn’t Reach Zen Yet

Ask questions! Yay! Gold star. Always ask questions to the answers. We take answers for granted, thinking experts know it all. I bet they didn’t learn how to reach zen. Suck on that Trebek!

So have we hit our destination yet? Good, my job is done here. I will see you cat’s on the flip flop! If you enjoyed my article about how to reach zen or any of my other ridiculous articles please tell me in the comments below. Or if you just hate my sense of humor tell me in the comments as well! Come on people give me some feedback! I’m dying over here! See you next time!

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