9 Reasons Why You Should Start Smoking Weed


9 Top Reasons Why You Should Start Smoking Weed

Why you should start smoking weed you may ask? Oh don’t get me started. I could be high right now as I write this. Maybe I am, maybe I am not. Millions of people have ridden of their pain and their midnight munchies go away. The fact is not one person has died from weed, but yet how many people have died from drinking alcohol? Hmm Let me show you the way to why you should start smoking weed!


1. Let’s Build a Snowman

Weed can spark tons of creativity. What do you do when you are bored? Smoke! What happens after you smoke? You think of the weirdest things, and it could be your next million dollar idea. You know that thing your holding in your hand called an iphone or ipod? Yes that is right, Steve Jobs got high too! Tons of artist smoke and let the juices flow. Whether you want to get high and build a snow man or crochet a blanket while high. It will spark tons of ideas.


2. Why You Should Start Smoking Weed To Stay Sane

Have you ever walked in to the office on a Monday, your boss is up your ass, and you coworkers are annoying the sh*t out of you. You feel angry and that you could snap any minute. Your about to transform into Jackie Chan, and round house kick off Brian’s head. You then relax and realize it is almost over and you got a big fat juicy bowl of weed at home, just waiting for you.

Reason you you should start smoking weed in your personal is because it can relax those tense moments. Nothing like a hard day at work and coming and taking few hits to say sane. That relaxing moment of Ahhhh! You shout “Victory” like a heathen.

Smoking helps relax the muscles in the body and helps relieve stress. Here is a study to show that micro dosing or even one puff of a blunt can help reduce stress.


3. Sleeping and Smoking Weed

I have to be honest, this is my favorite time to smoke weed. Long day at work, kid screaming his head off, mother in law driving me nuts! The end of the day is the best time to start smoking weed. Preferably a bowl. I am not a joint kind of guy.

Again the reason you should start smoking weed is to get a better night sleep. Take like 3-4 puffs, then bam your are right off to see the sandman. No not Metallica’s Sandman, F that song for being overplayed in the 90’s. Depending on the strain, but make sure you get Indica strains or you will be painting the bathroom your wife has been asking you to do for years.

4. The Magic Cure

The cannabis oil from weed plants has shown to treat all kinds of problems. Depression, anxiety, epilepsy, and anorexia. Boy, I sure like my hot pockets after smoking a fat bowl. The main reason why you should start smoking weed is because it is way more natural then taking these terrible drugs. Their are so many studies to how weed has helped patients as where to these drugs doctors just throw out like candy, don’t do anything. I wish the doc would give me some good stuff!


5. Everything is a Comedy

Everything is funny when you start smoking weed. You could be watching a horror movie and it will be funny. Of course some horror movies are just so bad, that they are funny. Your best bet is to watch a movie you find hilarious sober. Smoke a joint and watch it again. I promise you will laugh your ass off!  Big Lebowski, I am just saying.


6. Cannibas Corpse Music

Best reason why you should start smoking weed. Music sounds amazing high. I personally listen to metal. Man, getting high and headbanging to some Dying Fetus, man that is a good time. Nothing like killing some more brain cells.

The feeling high while listening to music is indescribable. You actually feel the kick of the bass in your whole body. The passion of vocals in the voice, and the thrash of the guitar. Wait, sorry, what was I talking about? Oh yea, music. It is also for when trying to write music. Try it sometime, Garth Brooks!


7. Weed Sex

Yes, you heard me. The guys just popped a boner and women are like where is my dealer when I need him! Studies show 1-3 women struggle to have an orgasm. See, there is a reason why you should start smoking weed. It increases the senses of things and it is helps get that fire started. Everybody wants love, and wants it. The exact reason why you should start smoking weed.

8. Weed and Violence

Crime would come down drastically, less road rage, and less shootings would happen. If we could go right down to the local gas station and grab a dime, I know that I could home safe. Dealing with shady people sucks, and you never know what you are going to get. Nobody would be driving mad because they would be relaxed. Maybe Kim Jong Un would be less an asshole and everybody would love Trump! Damn Democrats!


9. Drum Roll Please…….

Making the decision for why you should start smoking weed is quite obvious. There is no proof that weed has any terrible effects. The government has regulated it for a long time and it is time to legalize it everywhere. They controlled the liquor, tobacco and now holding weed is the last thing they got. We can set it free and let people choose to if they want to start smoking weed. For whatever the reason maybe. Enjoyment, relaxing, or whether for pain. Think about someone else’s needs, instead of your own agenda.

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  1. Absolutely agree on the weed sex thing. It really multiplies your senses by 50x times at least. Not joking. You should try that yourself. And another thing to consider is gaming while high. Absolutely thrilling. Playing shooters is hilarious, and on the contrary, I tend to get more accurate. You just see every bullet. Like in the f*cking Matrix. Good article tho. Keep up the good work going.

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