Really Funny Joke Mini Series – Public Restrooms

Really Funny Joke Mini Series Public Restrooms

Really Funny Joke Mini Series Guide #1 – How To Public Restrooms

Going to the public restroom can be a really funny joke sometimes. The feeling having to use the public restroom can make your skin crawl. Everybody loves when they get that grumbling sound in their stomach when they are out in a public place. We all know that feeling, and when it comes time to choose the best toilet seat in a restroom, it can be hell! So let’s get started! How to Public Restrooms!


Keys to the Golden Throne

It is a really funny joke when you have to ask for keys to the bathroom. Am I not good enough to use your bathroom? This usually means you should not be using this bathroom. They keep it locked up for all the junkies. You don’t want sit on that toilet, you might get crabs or chlamydia. Avoid bathrooms that you need to ask for keys! If you wont do it for yourself, do it for your children for god sake!


Self Heated Toilet Seat

Sure, I am sure their are some of you that own your very own heated best toilet seat money can buy. I bet you were not thinking about the last person that sat on that potty!. All the stalls are locked and you see a big burly 400 pound fat man walk out one of them. What do you do?, but you have to go really bad. You risk it, clinching your teeth as you feel the warmth. Ha! Want to puke yet? We have all done it, but try to avoid this if you haven’t, it is a terrible feeling.


Curly Q’s

Double check your seat next time before you sit down. The last person that could have been their, might have been Sasquatch pinching off a deer loaf. How many people like the so called public hair anymore? Shave that sh*t you gorilla. So if you see a toilet seat with curly q’s on them and decide to sit on it, you better rethink your life choices.


Sanitizer Is Your Best Friend

All clean jokes aside. Sanitizer can be your best friend. Always carry a bottle in your back pocket for most dirty situations. You can squirt a piece of tissue and wipe it off. Bam!, you got the cleanest best toilet seat ever! Plus you can use it to put on your hands after shaking hand’s with your boss. We all know boss’s don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom.


Toilet Battle Armor

Some bathrooms have seat covers. Battle up and slay that dragon! You know you found a good bathroom to pinch a loaf in, if they have toilet seat covers. You can even double your protection, by using your sanitizer and using a cover.


That wraps it up for the Really Funny Joke Mini Series – Public Restrooms Guide. I have one more thing to ask, when you go the bathroom to do number 2. Do you pull fold your toilet paper, or do you crumble it up to wipe? Hey, who would think of these things? Let me know in the comments if this is entertaining, Thanks!


Really Funny Joke Mini Series – Public Restrooms – How to Whatever




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