Top #15 Wicked Horror Movies (Will Make You Shit Your Pants)

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Old but good, like they say.

For some of you this would be the “Top #10 Horror Movies to Watch Again”, but it doesn’t really matter. It’s worth it after all. The title refers to both women and men, both children and adults. And let’s be honest here, who doesn’t love to shit his pants from time to time? Extreme sports are so popular for a reason. People absolutely love to feel SCARED. And even boring people love ADRENALINE. Because we need to let off the pressure once in a while. We drive fast cars, boats, we do martial arts, we did all sorts of stupid shit when we were kids, and we continue doing stupid shit so we can only VENT.

And you also don’t want to get the CANCER, because introverts are more likely to get ill or develop a mental illness; even extroverts. Excess negative emotions are like poison to our organisms and are slowly harming us, without we even knowing it. So if you’re not into extreme sports, from time to time you need to watch a sick scary movie and totally shit your pants. Fill your pants with a bit of brown-brown. You’ll feel better, we promise.

And no, watching movies, even horrors, is NOT an unpleasant emotion. If it was, nobody was going to watch them, and let me tell you, brother, business is a boomin’! Producers and movie production corporations are launching new and cooler blockbusters every day, and almost every single modern Sci-Fi movie has a lot of jumpscares, so really almost all expensive movies fall under the “horror” genre as well.

Take PROMETHEUS featuring Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace for example. And the sequel to the first part — ALIEN: COVENANT, again with the German legend Michael Fassbender. Combining best of the two worlds — a good amount of Sci-Fi paired with “shit your pants” type of horror. These two movies are absolutely sick. That’s why these two honorably take the #1 in our Top #15 list. We’re putting the two movies in one place…so we can open up more space for more sick films.







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The story basically tells us about the creation of humanity. A group of advanced aliens created the first man. Then, somewhere in time, for unknown reasons, they decided to wipe humanity from the face of the Earth. That didn’t go well. The aliens were going to use the bio weaponry but they unsuspectingly activated the biological warfare payload which ended their mission and so they never killed the humans. Years later, probably thousands of years later, an expedition in open space, by humans, finds a planet, and finds all the truth. And then something gruesome happens. I’m not going to tell you more. But the movies are sick. You categorically have to watch them.

2. 28 DAYS LATER (2002) + 28 WEEKS LATER (2007)






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Zombies, man. Zombies. And these Zombies are fucking fast, not like the ones in The Walking Dead or other non-realistic film productions. And the Zombies in this British movie are faster than humans. They’re ferocious, even more ferocious than Mike Tyson in his prime. So much action. The movies are super dynamic. The soundtrack on both of the movies is a masterpiece. The movies deserve to get some high watchtime only because of the soundtrack itself. Sends you the message “It’s really over, isn’t it?”. It’s also featuring big names like JEREMY RENNER (Avengers, The Bourne Legacy, Mission: Impossible, The Town, The Hurt Locker, Wind River, etc).

3. DEAD ALIVE (1992)

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For sure, a gory movie not for everyone. It’s wrong on so many paragraphs. You won’t expect what’s coming to you. The sickness level is too high with this one. Listen to this plot. A young man’s mother is bitten by a rat-monkey. She gets sick and dies, at which time she comes back to life, killing and eating dogs and nurses. Wow. Prepare yourself for some really hardcore bloody bloodshed. Classic.


Inspired by true events. A mind blowing horror that’ll keep you on your toes until the very end. This unknown for many movie is such a great horror because it is so UNJUST. And the pressure is actually on a very high level during the whole production, which can’t be seen very often. Made from the creator of the movie K-PAX (starring Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges), you can expect high quality content with this one too! The Skeleton Key movie is about voodoo magic, African magic, and all that spooky stuff. The ending is terrifying and it will make you shit your pants big time.

5. THE BABADOOK (2014)

This is probably my personal favorite. Because it made me shit my pants so hard, man. So hard, legend has it, I still have shit stains on my white boxers. The Babadook is an Aussie (Australian) legend, and people say it’s actually real; a real true story. Basically you open up a book, a specific book, and once you open that book, something like a pamphlet really, you release something very dark and creepy, a demon of some kind. And this thing, human-ish looking, has this huge claws… Man, so big and so fucking sharp, Freddy Krueger’s nails look like baby fingers compared to the Babadook. And the Babadook thing was only snucking itself through the shadows. It was lurking in the dark, and then slowly pulling himself out of the shadows. And the voice it had. Bone-chilling. Don’t watch this movie with YOUR KIDS! It can, and most certainly it will, seriously damage any child’s nervous system. Watch with a hot girl, GF or wife so she can tightly snug into you. Because she’ll be shitless scared.


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A classic American horror comedy film. The film tells the story of how a warehouse owner accompanied by his two employees, mortician friend, and a group of teenage punks, deal with the accidental release of a horde of brain-hungry zombies onto an unsuspecting town. The film is known for introducing the popular concept of zombies eating brains, as opposed to just eating human flesh, like previous zombie masterpieces. Some people say that’s the greatest sick movie of all times. You decide yourself. If you haven’t watched it, go and do it.


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This one might not be so scary for the die hard horror fans out there, but it’s an absolute vintage classic from the modern age times, and it must be seen by everyone! Or seen again! The first part is obviously the best one, which is a pattern with movies lately. Good movies are ruined after the writers’ ideas run out, but the producers want to keep manufacturing movies nevertheless. The Wrong Turn movies are about a bunch of hillbilly creeps that live in no man’s land, deep in the woods, can’t even fucking walk properly, but like human flesh for some kooky reason, and eat people, boil them and shit. Medical student Chris Flynn (Desmond Harrington) drives through the mountains of West Virginia on his way to a business meeting, but a chemical spill on the road ahead forces him to take a different route. After being distracted for a moment, he collides with another car that is stopped in the middle of the road since its tires have been punctured by a piece of barbed wire. And this is how it starts. Watch it! These bow waving, knife slashing, axe wielding inbred mothefuckers will help you not sleep tonight. Or maybe sleep like a baby. It depends. Second, third and fourth parts are pretty good too.


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Again a bunch of crazed inbreds killing a group of soldiers, then severing their arms and legs and eating them, then taking the women, raping the female American soldiers. The inbred were so sleazy, dirty, smelly, disgusting, that made the sex scenes so insanely twisted. Yeah, there was sex scenes! Gruesome, blood-soaked, and in the same time — kind of funny and fascinating. The first part earned exactly $15.5 million in its opening weekend in the U.S., where it was originally rated NC-17 for strong gruesome violence. And the other part was about a nuclear site in Nevada or whatever, and because the inbreds refused to leave their homes, or just the military wasn’t aware that people still lived there, these creeps mutated and started eating people. I don’t remember which part was which, but you can watch them in the order they were released. The sights are pretty awesome too. Action is in the desert… Desolate. Deserted.

9. GHOST SHIP (2002)

Every time I watch this movie, I enjoy it more and even more! It’s a good super creepy horror that I don’t think is a let down at all. Ghost Ship is an exciting supernatural thriller that delivers some frightening chills. The story follows the crew of a salvage vessel that discovers a derelict passenger liner that went missing in 1962, however it turns out not to be as deserted as they thought when they start seeing the ghosts of dead passengers. Opening scene… I’m telling you, opening scene makes it a well-worth watch.

10. SILENT HILL (2006)

Composed around a series of blackouts and disgusting moments, Silent Hill is one surrealistic piece of craft and it will hopefully drive you to impressive nightmares. And the movie is based on true events. Desolate roads, gas and smoke coming out of the ground, people sinking into the ground – no this isn’t a description of a scene from a horror film. It’s every day life in Centralia, Pennsylvania, a wrecked abandoned town that’s been on fire since the year 1962. And Centralia is still on fire! A haunting event that inspired people to make a movie out of it. It was a coal mining town. By the 1950’s, around 2,000 people lived in Centralia. Then in May of 1962, the mine caught fire. The fire was believed to have started when the town decided to burn the trash at the landfill. The trash fire traveled through an opening in the mine where it ignited the large coal deposits below. Feeding off of coal and the oxygen traveling through the mine shaft openings on the surface, the fire only became bigger. For the next 16 years, the town attempted to extinguish a fire just below their feet. But no matter how hard they tried, another bunch of toxic smoke and fire came out of the ground. An atmospheric, disturbing and bloody movie, same as the harsh reality around this place.

11. ORPHAN (2009)

Bloody wicked movie. You can kind of feel the spirit of the 70’s through the TV, even if the action unravels in modern times. It’s different. Chilling and brilliantly made movie. The movie while not the bloodiest of all horrors, there are moments where the tension builds insanely and you’re suddenly found on the edge of your seat. A very unsettling movie. I personally didn’t expect what happened at the end. Nothing supernatural, just reality, and a very, very sick plot.

12. HOSTEL (2005)

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After watching this movie, you’ll never stay at a hostel somewhere abroad, and you’ll never probably travel to Europe, or Eastern Europe anyways! The movie is shot in the Eastern European country called Czechia, or the Czech Republic. In reality, it’s shot there. But in the movie, the action is happening in a country called Slovakia, which is basically the same, since there was a country called Czechoslovakia, not so while ago. Czechoslovakia existed during the Nazis, during the Communism, and way before these two regimes, de facto. If you never watched this movie, you missed so much! Director: Eli Roth, also known as the Bear Jew, from the Inglourious Basterds. He’s the director of the well known movie Cabin Fever from 2002, and a co-director of the chef d’oeuvre — the Inglourious Basterds. It starts out as a stupid sex comedy film for a while before things get uncomfortable and superbly and unbearably cruel. In the last minutes the film goes super crazy, super cruel. But you don’t mind watching someone’s eye hanging out of their socket, correct?

13. HOUSE OF WAX (2005)

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Warner Bros. Pictures. Box office: $32,000,000. Hell of a movie. A road trip to the biggest college football championship of the year takes a turn for a bunch of college kids. Really great horror film. And there’s a wax museum in the movie. There’s something really creepy in the wax museums, don’t you agree? And the fighting scenes are wicked. A lot of bloody fighting scenes. Oh, yeah. And Paris Hilton got killed. The real Paris Hilton. Slow paced, but quite entertaining movie.

14. SHROOMS (2007)

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Girls, drugs, sex, and something went wrong. Filmed in Ireland. Truly scary and very dark disturbing movie. A real thriller since there’s no way you can guess how it ends. If you liked Wrong Turn, you’ll love the Shrooms.

15. 1408 (2007)

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Renowned horror novelist Mike Enslin believes only in what he can see with his own two eyes. After a string of bestsellers and debunking and making fun about paranormal events in the most infamous haunted houses and graveyards around the world, he has no real proof of anything and he’s arrogant. And because of his arrogance — he’ll pay. A genuinely disturbing breathtaker. This exciting film is based on the terrifying story by Stephen King. 1408 become the highest-grossing horror film of Stephen King’s career. And if you were in the place of the main character, you would probably shit your pants hard. Watch it. Stephen King is no joke, fellas.

And by the way…

All movies were randomly sorted, so the #1 is not the best, and the #15 is not the worst; but they are all the same — weird and disturbing. And don’t forget to come back and comment, what made you flinch.

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