Why we Americans really need guns?



Why we Americans really need guns?

That was the most trending question and respectively the trending phrase of the year 2017. People are talking about all those mass shootings and similar incidents. “Let’s ban firearms; firearms are bad” the left spoke. And these incidents were happening during Obama’s term, and they continue to happen now under the President Trump. But normal people and I can’t understand one little thing. If we for example go and ban or at least restrict some or all the guns, introduce stricter gun control and background checks everywhere, this changes what exactly? Some will say it does change everything.

But have you read the news around the world lately?

Not so while ago a regular lorry (a small truck) went full rage in a pedestrian area in the beautiful seaside city of Nice, in France. The victims were a lot, 87 dead and 434 injured to be exact, and nobody blamed the guns then, because France has already had a very strict gun control adopted for many years now.

So if anyone can acquire a truck and then plow into innocent bystanders and tourists, terrorists don’t even need guns anymore. Terrorists and criminals can easily get their hands on trucks, which are way more easily acquirable.

To get an untraceable a gun on the other side, a gun with which you’ll commit the crime, you will need to have a criminal background and the connections to get a carbine or a rifle. Illegally sold weapons on the black market are hard to get, if you have zero criminal connections. And these guns cost a lot. Criminals and dealers are afraid too. They’re human after all. And what are the pros of gun control? Zero. And what are the cons of gun control? A lot. Anyone can get a truck and run over people. But if one of these poor souls had a gun, things might have been different. Stop the truck in the beginning of the attack for example!

France is the perfect example of a failed state and having twisted laws on all paragraphs. Let’s not forget Charlie Hebdo’s savage attack. Then only because some French Editors at a local newspaper had a few laughs, made a light joke about Islam, provoked a group of ISIS members who launched an attack and murdered a few people, including a police officer, who was also a Muslim. And it’s most of the times not about Islam. These people use Islam as a mask, to hide behind. The French police officer got shot in broad daylight, the video is still online, you can see that here:

He got shot in the head, with an AK47, a very powerful rifle. So people filmed that from their balconies, instead of going and helping. And I don’t blame them. They will help with what exactly? Sticks and stones, spoons and balloons?

But to the question, why this article, and why this title…

What if instead of a smartphone, the man holding the camera, had a rifle, a pistol, and returned fire. A live could’ve been saved. And if other people gave just a little bit of a resistance, people would’ve been alive, families would’ve been saved.

A gun does not kill people. People kill people. The same as trucks, because an inanimate object does not kill people. A Volvo truck does not kill people. That’s not Stephen King’s the movie Maximum Overdrive when a group of people try to survive when machines start to come alive and become homicidal and trucks run over people. Trucks do not kill people. People kill people.

So that’s why we Americans, even if it’s only me, because I’m an American, will keep our guns, and bear our arms, and hold our knives. I will have my .45 Colt, and my family will have the 9×19 Parabellum. And they will only pull that gun away out of my dead cold hands.

Because it’s not always about me, or about you. It’s about other people too. This even rhymes. And it rhymes good. Because it’s not always about me, or about you. It’s about other people too. Jesus, that was an unexpected. I should become a writer. That is no coincidence.

So yes, you can become a witness to everything. In every moment. And this will be on your conscience. That you only filmed it. A death of a child. A bullet that your family will take, in the cinema where you watched a movie. You only filmed it. Filming is power, right?

Because the weapon of the 21st century is the smartphone camera phone. And you shoot, yes, you shoot. Shoot your videos. And then ask “Do we Americans really need guns?”.

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