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Signs You Have A Manipulative Mother-In-Law

We know. She’s a bitch. It’s too bad because she happens to be your wife’s mother. She is going to be part of your family for at least the next thirty or forty years. Argh! How are you going to cope, especially when you see the signs your mother in law is manipulative. It’s like a cancer in the family and you can’t convince anyone else that she is what she is. That’s okay, we’re here.

Here are our top picks of the signs that will reveal that you have a jealous mother in law.

1 – Always, Always, Always, Without A Doubt, She is Right

She is a darling to your face while you are surrounded by others but when you have a little one-on-one conversation or argument with her, you know how it’s going to end. You are going to be wrong. There’s nothing you are going to be able to do about it, either. She is not going to apologize. She is not going to back down. It is her way because she is always right and never, ever wrong. Get used to it. This is going to be a long, long time.

2 – You Are An Insignificant Piece of Shit

She is going to spend time ignoring you when she isn’t spending time telling you she is right. She will not acknowledge anything you say or do. It doesn’t matter how big a deal that award was that you received from the local Rotary Club because she doesn’t care. This is just the beginning of your husband and mother in law problems so settle in and relax. It will get worse.

3 – You Will Never Measure Up

On those rare occasions when she is pleasant and actually speaking to you, she will really be speaking at you. Telling you in her cute little way that you are not good enough for her little girl. You’ll hear this throughout your marriage and possibly after the divorce. She will make a point of being the jealous mother in law without actually showing it to anyone other than you.

4 – She Will Dominate You

In her way to get her way, since she is always right, your lovely mother in law will expect you to perform little tricks that will please her. In other words, when you are anywhere in the same zip code as her, you better behave and do whatever possible to not piss her off. Or, at least that would be the game she will try to play with you. Thought your buddy had husband and mother in law problems? They will pale in comparison to the fun and games soon to fill your life.




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5 – Smear Campaign

On the offhand chance you fall a little short in meeting the high standards that your mother in law will impose upon you, expect her to use your failure as fodder for her. She will do everything in her power to let each and every person you have even known how much of a putz you have become since you married her little girl. It won’t be pretty and it won’t go away any time soon. She will reinvent the bad parts even if you didn’t do that yourself.

6 – Expect To Have No Respect Given To You

Another part of the sea of agony we like to call husband and mother in law problems will include respect. Well, actually, it will include the lack thereof. It won’t be you disrespecting her, either. She will bully her way into your life by ignoring all respectful boundaries. She will invade your home, work, personal, vacation and recreation space. Locks, alarms and heavy artillery cannot stop her from making moves just to keep her and her needs fresh and foremost on your mind.

7 – The Wall

If there is a silver lining in all of this, it’ll be where she will build such a thick, massive, tall and incredible wall between you and her. She will use it to withhold her approval, affection, and acknowledgement towards and of you. It’ll include those secret weapons known as the silent treatment, guilt, blame shifting and a whole host of goodies that Catwoman wished she had access to. However, as pointed out, depending on the timing, the wall could be good for you.







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Do Not Try To Do This

Think you just might try to catch some hidden video of this witch in peak performance? Don’t bother. What you see just doesn’t capture very well in video. In fact, jealous and manipulative mothers in law are a whole lot like vampires. Not only will the suck the life out of you, there are invisible when videotaped. We have no good answer as to why that is but if you did accidently snag some footage of her giving you one of her standard Academy Award shows of her being her, as soon as you got to your wife and tried to show her your cover would be blown. You’d be made out to be the bad guy and you could possibly find yourself spending a couple of nights at the local Holiday Inn just for trying to clear you name. Not that this couldn’t be the holiday you were after in the first place. You know, a vacation away from that horrible woman you have to deal with for just a few more decades.

Also, don’t try to put private investigators into the fold. They have mothers in law, too and chances are, your story is pretty lightweight compared to one of theirs. So what is your solution? Well, if you don’t see much of her in an average year, just man up and go with the flow with the knowledge that the pain you are experiencing during the time spent in her presence is only temporary. Rest assured that you will again be back on your home field and away from the torture. Also, be sure to have your wife hand you back your balls when you get home.

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