Cricket Farm How to Start for Profit or Food

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           Cricket Farm How to Start for Profit or Food

Cricket farm and who the hell would want to start a cricket farm? Crickets are probably only the most disgusting insect on the planet. Na, centipedes are pretty disgusting. People around the world have been raising crickets for many reasons. They have learned how to raise crickets for food for their household pets. Surprisingly, did you know that you can turn cricket farming for a profit? People will buy anything! So let’s get started and learn how to start a cricket farm shall we.


cricket farming for profit


Cricket Farm Materials List

  • 2-3 Very large clear plastic tote containers with lids. The crickets will start to eat each other if you don’t. Would you want to live with a hundred of your mother in laws? Yeah, that’s what I thought!


  • Metal mosquito screen


  • Utility knife and a hot glue gun


  • Vermiculite or egg cartons. Vermiculite helps trap the moisture and keeps bacteria from growing. It also keeps the smell down. Smelly little buggers! I would also recommend replacing it every couple months or so.


  • Pesticide free top soil


  • Very shallow bowl for water. A lizard water bowl would work.


  • Space heater or a lizard light from pet store.


  • 40-50 crickets.

Cricket Farm let’s go!

Start off by cutting two 6-8″ circular holes in the lids of your containers.

Cut the mosquito screen to its a little bigger then the holes and use the hot glue gun to mount them on the inside of the lid.

Pour about 2-3 inches of the vermiculite in the bottom of the container. Then layer about another 2-3 inches of the top soil.

Place your crickets in their brand new cricket farm. Either put a lizard light on top or you can put them in a closet with the space heater to start the breeding process. The temperature should be roughly around 75-90 degrees. The crickets will start to get their groove on when you hear the males chirp.

In about 2 weeks the female crickets will lay eggs in the top soil. Once the eggs have been laid, scoop the top soil and place in a second container. Make sure you keep the topsoil somewhat damp now. If it dries out, your cricket farm dreams are gone. Continue to keep the temperature the same on this container. Two more weeks, you should have crickets. Rinse and repeat.

Now that you know how to start a cricket farm, I can sleep a littler better at night. Please let me know in the comments if you have raised a cricket farm before or you think it is just plain disgusting. See you next time!


Cricket Farm How to Start for Profit or Food – How To Whatever!

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Foldable Book Art or 3D Book Folding 

foldable book


How To Make Foldable Book Art or 3D Book Folding

Foldable book art! What is book folding and where did it come from? Hell if I know! All I know is these masterpieces of work are beautiful to look at. Google can’t tell me where it originated from. What good are you Google? First time I encountered this type of art was my mother had bought one for my son at some flea market. I had never seen this type of art before and found it quite fascinating.

I never actually made one myself, but I am sure you can figure out right? I’m just trying to help the poor artist out or if you might find this topic interesting. Hey, least I am honest! Cut me a break here!

Into my never ending journey of Google, I found these steps to 3d book folding.<– Right here, no seriously, right there! I will try to do my best to explain, but you are going to need a few items from the shed. Blow torch, wrench, and a screwdriver. Gotcha! No, but you will need a hardback cover book, a book folding template, book folding measurements, a ruler, and last but not least those monkey hands for this foldable book masterpiece!


book folding template


Foldable Book Instructions

Step 1 – Find the oldest, hardest book you can find. Please whatever you do not grab your grandmothers old bible! I beg of you just don’t do it. Grab your fathers ruler that you know he is going to ask you to put back, even though you probably will not do. Hey, its your life, not mine.

Step 2 – Well I am going to go into full detail here, but I will give you a link for yourself. Foldable book instructions. I will just give you the run down. Basically you start at a certain measurement and mark each page in 2 spots. You then keep marking each page a little bit longer until you hit a point. Then you start back down the ladder again.

Step 3 – Yay! Your almost done with your foldable book! You then fold on the lines that you mark and try to keep them at a 90 degree bend. Repeat this step until you are finished or until your carpal tunnel sets in. Bam! You have your foldable book masterpiece!

Foldable book art or 3d book folding can be a whole family project or if you want to just give something to a family for a nice present. You could of course just go buy one, which I will do because I am lazy. You can also buy a book folding template to help you on your journey to save the planet.

If you enjoyed me terribly explaining how to make foldable book art, please let me know in the comments and share your Foldable book art with me. Thanks for reading.

Foldable Book Art or 3D Book Folding  – How To Whatever!


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