Cuba: Give me my cigar and car!



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Cuba: Give me my cigar and car!

Did you know that Cubans couldn’t buy cars 2 years ago? New cars. Not like they had no money; they had! Cabbies make a fortune in Cuba. A Taxi driver gets paid more than an Architect or Pilot. True story. But the Cuban Government banned their own citizens from buying new vehicles.

So the big question is “what did they drive, man”? And why? Why?…

They drove, and still drive up to this day, old American muscle, and Lada cars. Ladas. Lol. And I’m not laughing about the Ladas, or the Muscles, that’s for sure. I’m just laughing…how can anyone ban you from having a new car? Like, even North Koreans can buy Audis, BMWs and Fiats and other Western cars. This doesn’t change anything. The Government can still control you, not a problem. Maybe the didn’t want to show the people that the West was doing okay. I don’t know. You can check yourself. No European cars in Cuba though. Now they can acquire some Euro goodies, yeah, but the years of massive and super hard brainwash has dealt the damage to the poor Cuban people. Unfortunate.











See the photos from above? You can see a bunch of Mercedes-Benz 190s in burgundy red, a beautiful black BMW 5-series, also called the E39, on the 3rd photo — there’s an expensive Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W221), and in the time the photo was taken, was brand new! 100K grand. You can also see a Volvo, and an old S-class which can cost up to $30,000 USD here in the States. North Koreans have better cars, and newer, which is absurd! Because North Korea still has the communism! And Cuba — not really! After Fidel Castro’s death, Cubans can now buy whatever they like.

And let me tell you that, Cubans love cars. Cubans love cigars. But they could only have cigars. I will be surprised if there was no ban on cigars too. Will never know I guess. Some hidden ban on cigars. So they can only export.

It really looks so SURREAL. From the outside, for us Americans and other Westerners, it looks like the time has stopped in this magical far-away place.


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It looks like… They either live in the 60’s, or this is a photo taken from another planet. And the cars look clean. Super clean. So yes, Cubans love cars I think. They’re a car country. Imagine what majestic vehicles they’d have if there was no Castro.

They had nothing. So they only had their one car, and that was it. So I guess you concentrate on the only object you have, the only thing not owned by your tyrannical Government, the only thing you love.

And Ladas, man. Have you ever seen a LADA in the States? I guess not! Ladas are freaking cool. How can you NOT love that? Looks tuned though. Maybe it’s a race car, or a street racing machine. Can’t be sure. You car geeks can tell better.

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You absolutely HAVE to visit this place before you die. Even if you’re a car nut, it’s like from another world. The colors of the buildings, the streets, the people, the music and the food, drinks and beaches. You could also rent an old car that you’ll never be able to rent in the US. You can grab an old Russian Lada or a Russian Moskvich (AZLK) if you drove American before. Now you have a story for your children and grandchildren to tell.

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Cuba is also a huge Canadian tourist spot, because Canadians don’t even need a VISA to visit Cuba, from my humble information. If you’re an American, maybe you need a good reason to visit Havana, maybe a visit “for work”, or “for education”. Pull a few strings, and maybe visit as a tourist?


And by the way, did you know that AUDI has become the first car maker in modern times to present a new model in Cuba? Talking about quick decisions.


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Watch this video below for more auto sights; surreal…surreal.


Cuba: Give me my cigar and car! – How To Whatever

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